Philosophy Skin Care that Makes Using Makeup Optional

Philosophy Skin Care is all about skin that looks great with or without makeup regardless of age, skin type, color or gender. It’s been said that when you use Philosophy products you achieve the kind of skin that considers makeup merely an option and not a necessity, something many women would kill for. And Philosophy certainly delivers with their cutting-edge skin care products.

The categories for these products are numbered currently at 60 which include their bestselling moisturizer, shaving cream for men, facial wipes, diaper cream, treatment for redness/Rosacea, fragrance for women, body oil, bronzer, acne gels and creams, eye makeup remover, and concealer, to name a few. With the rest of the categories in the equation, that’s 894 Philosophy skincare products in all.

An Award-Winning Product

miraculous anti-aging moisturizerbuy1

Those Philosophy products which Oprah Winfrey happened to single out and feature on her “Oprah” show have skyrocketed in sales and become iconic skin care products. Philosophy Hope in a Jar original formula moisturizer for all skin types, Hope in a Tube high-density eye and lip firming cream, and When Hope is Not Enough facial firming serum remain bestsellers.

Philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Retinoid Eye Repair is the moisturizer fortified with resveratrol, the polyphenol found in red wine that research has shown to be linked to the reduction of risks of blood clotting and inflammation, both of which can lead to heart disease. Miracle Worker has won several awards for being the best in anti-aging moisturizers.

It has the exclusive High-Performance Retinoid, or HPR, technology specifically developed for use around the delicate and sensitive eye area. HPR provides retinoid’s benefits with less risk for irritation such as support for collagen production and acceleration of turnover of the skin’s surface cells. Moreover, Miracle Worker Miraculous Retinoid Eye Repair has been tested for safe use under ophthalmological control.philosophy miracle worker miraculous retinoid eye repair

If your skin is normal to dry and you have yet to try Philosophy products, start with the Great Skin is In three-piece set which includes an eight ounce Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser, a two-ounce Hope in a Jar Extra-Rich Moisturizer, and 1.05 ounce Help Me Retinol Night Treatment. This is an economical way to try out these products, which is about $100 per set, instead of buying each product separately.

The Miracle Worker Kit is a little bit pricier but the products it contains are full sized. The four piece set is actually an excellent deal and includes two ounces of Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Moisturizer, one ounce Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Concentrate, 60 ct Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Retinoid Pads, and Retinoid Solution for use with the pads. You get four top notch Philosophy products in one package for less money.

Use Purity Made Simple Dailyphilosophy face cleanser

Unlike other face cleansers, those from Philosophy clean the face thoroughly without leaving skin in that area dry or dehydrated. Philosophy Purity Made Simple, for instance, can be used daily even by those with sensitive skin and skin prone to bouts of acne. This one-step cleanser is another multi-tasking product that cleanses, tones, and hydrates skin all the same time.

Defy Fine Lines and Wrinkles Before They Develop

You have five different choices when it comes to eye cream with Philosophy. All you need to do is choose one of them based on the peptides, retinol, ingredients or hyaluronic acid it contains. Time in a Bottle eye age-defying serum for eyes allows you to prevent fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area even before they develop. This serum tightens skin in this area and helps smooth the eye’s contour.

Get This On Sale

Sunshine Grace firming body emulsion has Shea butter and olive and macadamia nut oils to soften and nourish dry skin as well as a synergistic combination of antioxidant vitamins C and E to protect it against potential damage by free radicals. It has a slight, clean orange blossom scent smells fresh and crisp that doesn’t overpower the senses. Sunshine Grace is currently a Philosophy skin care sale product.

Great Gifts from Philosophy

You not only get excellent products for daily use from Philosophy, you also get great gifts and gift sets. The Birth Girl vanilla birthday cake gift set comes with vanilla birthday cake shower gel, bubble bath, shampoo and lip shine that all come in freshly-baked vanilla birthday cake scent. The Mixed Berry Tart Trio has the same products in the crisp, sweet scent of mixed berries.

The limited edition Live Joyously Duo consists of a two ounce spray fragrance and an eight ounce body lotion, both infused with pink peony blossom, sparkling tangerine, and just a whiff of patchouli. Yet another great gift set for any occasion is the Philosophy Skin Care Essentials skin care set featuring award-winning and bestselling products together in a single money-saving package. It contains:

  • Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser (eight ounces).
    philosophy skin care essentialsbuy1
  • Hope in a Jar Original Formula Moisturizer (two ounces).
  • Microdelivery Micro-Massage Exfoliating Wash (eight ounces).
  • Microdelivery Peel Vitamin C/Peptide Crystals (one ounce) with Activating Gel (one ounce).
  • Hope in a Tube Eye and Lip Firming Cream (0.5 ounce).

Experience all the goodness of Philosophy skin care products in this single package. You actually save more than 45% when you avail of this kit that has a retail value of $168 than if you buy each product it contains separately. All of the products in this kit can help improve your skin’s overall texture and tone and give it a rosy, radiant, healthy, and young-looking glow.

See the Bigger Picture

On a final note: most of us will probably be cynical about Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement of Philosophy skin care products but look at it this way: she certainly does not need the money from this endorsement (she can buy the entire company if she wanted to!). So why did the Queen of Talk allow Philosophy to put her childhood photo on the face of Hope in a Jar in 2010 (the limited edition jar reportedly sold out quickly)?

Perhaps the only reason for this is that Oprah Winfrey believes in Philosophy skin care products. Admittedly, not all people will agree that all of Philosophy’s products have been proven effective or satisfactory for them. But let’s not miss the bigger picture here: if Philosophy can make your skin look like it doesn’t need makeup, then it’s worth trying!

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