Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar

Infused with renewal technology, Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar features a formulation that has the triple blend of an Asian fruit extract, three types of hyaluronate, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids, also known as AHAs, that provides the user with a continuous supply of hydration benefits for the skin. The new clinically-proven Renewed Hope promises to give its customers a renewal of hope with renewed skin.

This upgraded (if you want to call it that) Hope in a Jar can refine your skin’s pores and texture, hydrate your skin, and give it a healthy glow and color all day long on a daily basis. The exclusive features of the Renewed Hope product are its carefully-selected ingredients that all work harmoniously with one another to give you a completely smooth skin that won’t even need makeup like foundations and concealers.

What Does Renewed Hope Contain?

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The triumvirate of AHAs also known as alpha hydroxyl acids, an Asian fruit extract, and three types of hyaluronate helps maintain the skin in a constant state of rejuvenation.

The AHAs include glycolic acid, a well-known exfoliator which can remove the outer layer of dead skin cells that prevent new skin from emerging to the skin’s surface. Moreover, glycolic acid helps lighten skin discolorations such as age or sun spots.

Hyaluronate, on the other hand, is hyaluronic acid’s sodium, and plays a major role in the skin’s overall health because of its ability to retain moisture or water, the ratio being one gram of hyaluronic acid to a thousand milliliters of water. This nutrient adjusts its moisture absorption rate based on humidity which may be relative to the climate and the season. Supplementation of this acid increases skin moisture according to research.

Statistically, those who used Renewed Hope in a Jar in a clinical study of 52 participants in a span of eight weeks obtained improvement in skin texture by 100% during the first week, reduction in skin pore size by 79% in the next four weeks, and a decrease in appearance of fine line by 78% during week eight. Participants saw visible hydration by 94% and glowing skin by 81% by the end of the study on the eighth week.

How is Renewed Hope Different from Hope in a Jar?

Still, the question remains as to the difference between Hope in a Jar and its Renewed Hope variant. For one thing, this new version’s target market is women with more mature skin. For another, this reformulated Hope in a Jar is aimed at enhancing the processes of renewal that the skin is naturally capable of doing. The result from regular use of Renewed Hope is similar to that achieved with Hope in a Jar with some pluses.

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This time, the healthy and radiant look of the skin lasts for longer because the ingredients of Renewed Hope – AHAs, hyaluronate, Asian fruit extracts, among others – work 24/7 on and in your skin. Renewed Hope is suitable for oily, dry, normal, aging, and combination skin types because of its lightweight formulation, albeit not for extremely dry skin that needs more emollients.

Renewed Hope in a Jar no longer has lavender oil in its list of ingredients because of its potential hazard to skin. But it does have blue agave, a plant indigenous to Mexico used by its ancient Aztec populace, which you may be familiar with as an ingredient for tequila. Blue agave has anti-aging properties that can regenerate weak or damaged cells on the skin’s surface.

While Hope in a Jar is more of a luxurious, heavy cream that may not be readily absorbed by some skin types, Renewed Hope’s lighter texture makes it easier for absorption. Hope in a Jar has 27 ingredients and Renewed Hope has 44 and they only have three similar ingredients. Renewed Hope will not clog your pores, unlike other similarly-purposed moisturizers in its class, yet it goes into your skin like melted butter.

You Won’t Need Other Skincare Products

Other Skincare ProductsAs mentioned earlier, Renewed Hope is ideal for women with mature skin which usually undergoes a gradual slowing down of cell turnover.

If you are already on an anti-aging skincare regimen, stop using products that contain retinol since these will render the benefits that AHAs provide ineffective. Moreover, you should cut back on the use of other products in your regimen which contain a lot of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is good for strengthening the skin’s immunity against free radicals but it is also acidic and with too many acids already working for you in Renewed Hope, there could be an excess of acidic ingredients which may dry out mature skin even further. The good news is that you won’t really need other products to maintain a clear, radiant, healthy, clean, and youthful-looking skin when you use Renewed Hope.

Where Can You Buy It?

Although there are various sellers or suppliers of Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar, it is recommended that you purchase your jar from the official website of Philosophy, the product’s manufacturer, to avoid being scammed or duped. Like Hope in a Jar, Renewed Hope is not cheap so you wouldn’t want your hard-earned money to go to waste by buying it from less than reputable in-stores or online vendors.

You can buy Renewed Hope from established companies like Amazon whose customer reviews gave the product an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of five. You can also buy Renewed Hope directly from Philosophy’s official website, as mentioned earlier, to avail of Philosophy’s three free samples and the free mystery gift when you purchase any of its products including Renewed Hope.

Purchasing Renewed Hope from the official website will also give you free ground shipping on all purchases of $50 or more. You can also sign up with Philosophy and receive email about Philosophy’s latest promotional offers and newest products. Additionally, you can stock up on your favorite Philosophy products before they are discontinued when you buy them from the official website.

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