Is Philosophy Baby Grace Fragrance Perfect for You?

Some women like to smell sexy while some like to smell sweet. Philosophy Baby Grace Fragrance manages to do both with a scent that merges the freshness of mimosa and the sensuousness of musk. Mimosa is a highly-prized shrub with yellow flowers that resemble small and fuzzy balls and a powdery, green, sweet odor. Mimosa is often used as an ingredient in floral fragrances with carnation, rose or tuberose notes.

Musk, on the other hand, is used as a base note in perfume because of its unique composition of warmth and sensuality. It includes glandular secretions from animals like the male musk deer (its gland believed to resemble the scrotum) and remains one of the world’s most expensive substances. It acts as an excellent fixative in the reduction rate of evaporation to allow a fragrance to keep its original composition longer.

The “Old” Baby Grace and the “New” Baby Grace

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Philosophy’s Baby Grace perfume has other ingredients like poppy, creamy white woods, pepper, and green accord, all of which blend harmoniously to create a slightly sweet and light scent that is reminiscent of innocence and sophistication. If this is the kind of fragrance that you want, be sure to purchase the original version because the one currently available is no longer manufactured by Philosophy but by Coty.

Philosophy was sold to Coty and, sadly, the quality of their fragrances declined severely. Philosophy baby grace fragrance reviews, in fact, even have to indicate whether they are talking about the “old” Baby Grace or the one which lists Coty as manufacturer. For this article’s purpose, however, it is the original Baby Grace eau de parfum (EDP) that is being discussed.

Baby Grace EDP, EDT, and Spray

Philosophy Baby Grace scents come in perfume, eau de toilette (EDT), and spray. The original bottle of the perfume is now a rarity since its “retirement” and manufacture discontinuance; it does not appear in the official website of Philosophy. Baby Grace EDP, however, is still available from other vendors such as eBay. Be that as it may, you still have a selection of Philosophy fragrances such as:

Amazing Grace

One of Philosophy’s bestselling fragrances, Amazing Grace has an alluring feminine scent from a blend of muguet blossoms, musk, and bergamot. This fragrance has become a classic, thanks to Oprah Winfreyphilosophy baby grace scents‘s personal endorsement. On its own, however, Amazing Grace can stand up to the most stringent olfactory tests and still manage to come out a winner.

Pure Grace

This EDT in concentrated form smells clean from a “soap and water” scent that is universally appealing. It literally smells like you just stepped out of a fresh shower. It has crisp and clear notes of both soap and water that makes it a simple, clean scent that you would want to wear on a hot summer day or on a clear spring evening. And because of its “pure” graceful form, you might want to wear it all year round, too.

Living Gracephilosophy scents

The scent exuded by this spray fragrance can only be described as ethereal because of its combination of musk, lilies of the valley, and fresh neroli, the oil of which is the most expensive among citrus essential oils. Neroli oil is produced by steam-distilling the bitter orange tree’s fragrant flowers. Living Grace creates feelings of sensuality and vibrancy to bring beauty to each moment of every day.


Romantic and lively, Loveswept is available in both spray and EDP, shampoo, shower and bath gels, and body lotion for a wonderful layering. The EDP has citrus, bergamot, pink jasmine, and amber that make the formulation last longer. This floral fragrance is aromatic without being over-powerful, the same adjectives that best describe a woman when she has been loveswept.

Falling in Lovebaby grace perfume

A sparkling, delicious berry aroma is released by Falling in Love from sun-ripened blackberries mixed with the sweetness of vanilla and the lightness of jasmine. This EDT “melts” the moment it touches the skin. It is best worn when you want to fall in love in love since this fragrance all but captivates the most basic of senses: the smell. It won’t disappoint, either.

Sea of Love

Floral musk plus lush florals, fresh water, and sun-soaked amber are all together in Sea of Love which comes in spray and firming body emulsion (they can be bought separately or as a set). A fragrance that can be described as “carefree,” Sea of Love allows you to experience unbridled joy that only unexpected moments can bring. Enjoy this warm fragrance all year long.

Live Joyously

Tangerines, pink peonies, and patchouli embrace in Live Joyously EDP. This long-lasting scent has become an olfactory expression of joy itself with its highly expressive aroma. Live Joyously is also available in firming body emulsion, fragrance roll-on, shampoo, bath and shower gels, and body lotion. Layer up in Live Joyously and live a life filled with various colors – in joy.

My Philosophymy philosophy perfume collection

Another remarkable EDP is My Philosophy from a unique blend of sparkling musk, creamy vanilla, warm citrus, fruity blossom, and watery floral scents. There is My Philosophy: Empowered, My Philosophy: Grateful, My Philosophy: Truthful, My Philosophy: Giving, My Philosophy: Expressive, and My Philosophy: Compassionate. Have a different My Philosophy for each day of the week.

Fresh Cream

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One of the bestselling Philosophy scents ever created, Fresh Cream comes in spray fragrance, body spritz, shampoo, body polishing scrub, shower gel, body lotion, bubble bath, and lip shine. Fresh Cream makes layering the easiest thing to do to smell good and feel good from skin that has been scented with delicate sweetness from head to toe. Fresh Cream guarantees to attract the interest of others in you subtly.

Still, if Philosophy Baby Grace is the scent that you have been looking for, be sure to check out other reputable online vendors that may still have the “old” formulation available. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the other Philosophy fragrances that were just mentioned. Visit today and get more information on other products as well.

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