Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance: Beautifully Feminine and Amazingly Fresh

Beautifully feminine and amazingly fresh, the Philosophy Amazing Grace line of fragrances – which include eau de parfum (otherwise known as perfume), body wash, perfume oil, hand and body lotion, shower gel, body spritz, shampoo, and hand wash – incorporates scents into your overall beauty regimen so that your fragrances can work better for you.

Fragrance is technically not a necessity in grooming regimens but it can serve several functions. First of all, it can cover up other kinds of smells like sweat, chemical additives in topical medications, skincare products, and laundry detergents. It can stimulate memories and remind you of your grandfather’s house, a favorite bakery you frequented in your childhood or your first skiing holiday.

Moreover, scents create powerful associations that you are free to evoke. If you wear a rose fragrance all the time, for instance, people with whom you interact will soon associate roses with you. Smelling the same fragrance elsewhere, in another time or place, will make them remember you. The best way to make fragrance stick for longer than usual is to learn how to layer.

Learn How to Layer

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According to the co-owner of Los Angeles-based Scent Bar, Franco Wright, layering can help extend your scent the entire day. If you are already using any Philosophy product like Hope in a Jar, Renewed Hope in a Jar and/or Hope in a Jar Night Moisturizer, you would want your body wash, lotion, and fragrance to complement your skincare products.

Amber-, coconut-, and vanilla-based scents would be easier to layer because their fragrance notes go well with just about anything. You can also change scents for the different seasons and wear each for more aromatic impact.

How you wear fragrances is really just as important as the kinds of scents themselves. Choose fragrances, for instance, which make you smell “clean,” fresh, and feminine.

There’s one valuable piece of advice when choosing body products to use with a scent you have chosen: get them from the same line or “family.” It doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple cologne or gourmand body lotion, just get their matching versions in other forms from the same line. It helps to get ancillary products that go along with the fragrance of your choice.

How to Go About Layering

Layering is all about making your chosen fragrance stay longer on you and you can’t do this is if you use different scents at the same time. If you choose two different scents for your body wash or gel, however, and another scent for you fragrance, remember to always spray a stronger scent before the lighter one of the perfume, cologne or body mist. Buy small bottles of the scents you want to try on.

Spraying the stronger scent on top of a more subtle fragrance will overpower the former completely and render layering ineffective. Experiment so you can find your best combination, i.e, spray on a deeper fragrance and then the two softer varieties. You can spray each fragrance on separate tabs, smell both, and then smell them together to see if they compliment or contrast one another.

Start layering with body wash. Although its scent doesn’t last for long, a body wash serves as a foundation that leaves its scent on your skin immediately. You follow this with body lotion and a fragrance as a finishing touch. Amazing Grace by Philosophy is only one in a wide range of fragrance categories which include bath gels, bubble bath, moisturizers, and shower gels. The bubble bath line has fragrances such as:

  • Coconut Frosting.
  • How to Go About LayeringMelon Daiquiri.
  • Mimosa.
  • Raspberry Sorbet.
  • Vanilla Birthday Cake.
  • Cream Brulee.
  • Field of Flowers.
  • With Graditude.
  • Unconditional Love.

The scented body butters have the same scents as their fragrance or mist counterparts in Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfume, Unconditional Love, and Inner Grace. The lotions come in Amazing Grace, Falling in Love, Pure Grace, Inner Grace, and Baby Grace. Body creams come in Amazing Grace Hand Lotion, Amazing Grace Foot, and Amazing Grace Hand.

The Philosophy shower gels come in Raspberry Sorbet, Cinnamon Buns, and Carrot Cake variants. Sets of shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gel come in Falling in Love, French Vanilla Bean, Melon Daiquiri, Cinnamon Buns, and Amazing Grace. There’s also Philosophy’s 3-in-1 shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gel in variants such as Raspberry Sorbet and Vanilla Birthday Cake.

The Philosophy Collections

To give you an idea on how you can layer scents better, here are the Philosophy Collections for your convenience:

Amazing Grace by Philosophy Collection

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  • Amazing Grace Perfumed Body Spritz.
  • Amazing Grace Perfumed Shampoo, Shower and Bath Gel.
  • Amazing Grace Satin-Finish Body Oil Mist.
  • Amazing Grace Spray Eau de Parfum.
  • Amazing Grace Spray Fragrance.

Falling in Love Collection

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  • Falling in Love Fragrance.
  • Falling in Love Perfumed Body Lotion.
  • Falling in Love Shampoo, Shower, and Bath Gel.
  • Falling in Love Summer Spray Fragrance.

Pure Grace Collection

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  • Pure Grace Fragrance.
  • Pure Grace Layering Set which include a spray fragrance, whipped body crème, bath and shower gel, and shampoo.
  • Pure Grace Perfumed Body Lotion.
  • Pure Grace Perfumed Body Spritz.
  • Pure Grace Satin-Finish Body Oil Mist.

Fresh Cream Collection

Fresh Cream Collectionbuy1
  • Fresh Cream Body Lotion.
  • Fresh Cream Hot Salt Body Scrub.
  • Fresh Cream Shampoo, Bubble Bath, and Shower Gel.

Unconditional Love Collection

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  • Unconditional Love Perfumed Firming Body Emulsion.
  • Unconditional Love Perfumed Shampoo, Shower, and Bath Gel.

The Unconditional Love Perfumed Firming Body Emulsion is not only fragrant but offers other benefits as well. It has been crafted using macadamia and olive oils for softening skin and retaining moisture, shea butter for nourishing dryness in certain areas of the skin, and a synergistic blend of vitamins C and E for providing antioxidant protection as well as for firming and toning the skin.

Love Sweet Love Collection

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  • Love Sweet Love Spray Fragrance.
  • Love Sweet Love Shampoo, Bath, and Shower Gel.

If you want to view the more extensive collections of Philosophy products including makeup, kits, and gifts, check out Amazon’s website which you can look up for further information on how to order, how to avail of special discounts on selected orders and free ground shipping, and customer service, among others.