What You Need to Know About Hope in a Jar Night

Your entire body goes into repair mode at night while you are asleep, according to Dr. Doris Day, a dermatologist in New York City. New skin cells are growing and replacing older cells. This is the reason why you should use a good nighttime skincare product, like Hope in a Jar Night Intensive Retexturizing Moisturizer, to help it recover.

Skin recovers quickly, according to Day, but at the time that you are being deprived of adequate sleep, it will show on your face as eye bags or dark circles under your eyes. When you lack sleep, according to the University of California-San Francisco’s Dr. Sona Bansal, a dermatologist, your blood vessels dilate. This makes you look tired, sad, and older.  Chronic sleep deprivation can cause you to age prematurely.

QuSome System for the Delivery of Glycolic Acid

Philosophy’s new Hope in a Jar Night Intensive Retexturizing Moisturizer has a patented system using quick liposomes, also known as QuSomes, which can improve the efficacy of how the product’s active ingredients are delivered to your skin without causing potential irritation. The glycolic acid in Hope in a Jar Night Moisturizer plumps existing fine lines, evens out skin tone, and retexturizes skin when you sleep.

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QuSomes are inert, non-toxic substances that have the capability of increasing the water solubility of other substances or ingredients.

Using patented QuSomes to help in the delivery of powerful glycolic acid into the deep layers of the skin’s surface, Hope in a Jar Night Moisturizer is able to improve the signs of aging when it is used regularly on a daily basis based on a clinical study.

Glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane, is one of the mildest Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) types that is also one of the most widely and commonly used in both prescription-strength and over-the-counter (OTC) formulations.

The latter are often left on skin for everyday use. Some products which contain glycolic acid are labeled for “discontinuous use,” meaning they should be removed completely from skin after a short-time usage.

This AHA can refresh skin as it exfoliates its surface layer, an action which also helps skin attain a much smoother look. The glycolic acid in Hope in a Jar Night Moisturizer increases healthy cellular growth to replace dead or old skin cells. In combination with beta glucan, another Hope in a Jar Night Moisturizer ingredient, glycolic acid can minimize the appearance of age spots and other skin discolorations.

It gets rid of old or dead cells on the skin’s surface gradually to allow the beta glucan and other ingredients to penetrate new cells and make them non-pigmented and rejuvenate them as well. Glycolic acid also helps clear up pores which have been clogged with dirt, excess oil, grime, and other substances that may develop into acne. Glycolic acid sloughs off dead cells naturally to prevent their buildup.

Isn’t a Day Moisturizer Enough?

That’s what most women ask when told they have to use night moisturizers as well. During daytime, your skin is nearly always subjected to the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, makeup, pollution, and other environmental stress. Day time moisturizers focus on protecting your skin, including having SPF to prevent it from photo-aging and burning.

 Day MoisturizerDay moisturizers are typically light formulations that are quickly absorbed and enable pores to open and breathe in preparation for other skincare products or cosmetics.

Given that, day moisturizers typically have lighter compounds such as retinoids that can make the skin extra sensitive to sunlight. Moreover, day moisturizers work primarily on protection, not the repair, of your skin during this time.

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Night moisturizers, such as Hope in a Jar Night Moisturizer, do the task of repairing, regenerating, and resting your cells, including those of your skin. This is why the focus of a night moisturizer’s work is more on the recovery and retention of moisture and less on protection of the skin. Given that, night moisturizers are usually heavier than their day counterparts.

Your Personal Choice

Texture-wise and purpose-wise, there is a difference between day and night moisturizers. Will using your day moisturizer at night be taboo? Of course not, but your skin won’t be able to benefit from the anti-aging ingredients that are in a night moisturizer. Likewise, using your night cream during the day can only make your face feel greasier and won’t have protection against UV rays.

It’s actually a matter of your personal choice. Two different skincare products for separate usage in the AM and PM can be the better option to manage your skincare more easily. If you are already using Hope in a Jar, you should use Hope in a Jar Night Moisturizer to complement the skin maintenance that the former is currently doing. And don’t you worry, this night moisturizer is not greasy at all.

Cell Protection in the AM and Cell Rejuvenation in the PM

Getting yourself day and night moisturizers may be a necessity as you get older so why not start now? Being ahead early on in the anti-aging battle can only be advantageous for you. Just as Hope in a Jar can provide you hydration in the day time, Philosophy Hope in a Jar Night Moisturizer will replenish whatever moisture that may have been depleted throughout the day.

This ensures that your skin has a continuous supply of moisture to prevent cells from damage or repair them quickly before their conditions worsen. Numerous customer reviews have found Hope in a Jar satisfactory and many others have praised the effectiveness of this Hope in a Jar Night Intensive Retexturizing Moisturizer. Get cell protection in the morning and cell rejuvenation at night.

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