Get the “No Makeup” Look With the Hope in a Jar Foundation

There’s nothing worse than wearing makeup that gives you a look that is so totally not you. This could mean your foundation is visible enough because it looks theatrical or it does not cover up your fine lines or blemishes. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend endless hours at the department store to find the right makeup. Hope in a Jar Foundation works wonders when applied on the face because it blends well with your skin and makes it look great.

Try It Before Buying It

Foundation is perhaps the only makeup that must always be tried before purchasing. There are several reasons for this necessity. First, you can’t tell whether the foundation’s shade will be the suitable one for you just by looking at its color through the bottle; if the foundation is in tube form, that’s even worse, especially if there is no tester available. You don’t want to spend money on a foundation that’s a shade off.

If you are buying foapplying foundationundation from in-stores, there are makeup artists who can help you select the shade that will be perfect for you. If you plan to buy foundation from online stores, however, this may be an issue since you obviously won’t be able to try it. The trick here is to buy it from a company that provides a money-back guarantee or a sample to try. In case the shade isn’t satisfactory, you can always return it.

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Purchase the smallest tubes or bottles of each shade that you think will suit you if you are buying online. If you are satisfied with one of them on the first try, you can always return those which are unopened. You have to be clear on the return policy of the company you have bought the items from, however, so you don’t end up with makeup that you won’t use.

Testing Out Foundation Shades

Always start with a clean face. This is the best way to find out whether the foundation will blend in with your natural skin color or overpower it. The perfect shade is, as previously mentioned, foundation which “disappears” on the face. Apply one stroke of each of three chosen colors on your cheek or jawline and check out which of them looks best on you in natural lighting.

If you are buying foundation from a supermarket pharmacy or drugstore that does not provide testers, take several bottles and hold them up to your neck to see which one will match your natural skin color the closest. If you have an existing foundation whose shade you prefer to match, hold it against each bottle available but never on the swatches that are on display.

Know Your Skin Type

Foundations are always formulated for different skin types so it is best to know what type of skin you have before buying one. These types include dry, oily, normal, sensitive, combination, and mature skin. Remember also that many women have skin that changes according to weather conditions. Skin may be oily during summer and dry in winter. Here are some tips on how to find the right foundation formulation:

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  • Oily skin: look for labels that have “oil control,” “mattifying” or “oil-free” written on them.
  • Combination skin: determine whether your skin is more dry or oily and make the basis for your choice, although cream-to-powder based foundations work best.
  • Sensitive skin: look for mineral foundations because these work very well on sensitive skin as well as for other skin types.
  • Dry skin: look for the words “moisture-rich,” “hydrating” or “non-drying” on the labels; those that contain glycerin will glide on skin more easily.
  • Mature skin: unless your skin is oily, choose foundation with cream, mineral or liquid formulation and skip matte finishes, powders or sticks.

Choosing Light, Heavy or Medium Coverage

The amount of coverage from your foundation can be light, heavy or medium depending on how much of it you need or want. Light coverage is usually common during summer and heavier coverage is typically preferred in winter. Spring and early fall dictate medium coverage. If all you need is to even out some ruddy areas, light coverage is suitable.

Those with uneven skin tone and frequent blemishes would do better with medium coverage. Heavy foundation should normally be reserved for reviving skin radiance for a night out on the town or when you need to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles for a close-up at a portrait shoot. Nevertheless, heavy coverage should be as opaque as possible so you don’t end up looking like you have a mask on.

Try Philosophy

If you have no idea of what the perfect foundation feels and looks like on your skin, try Philosophy Hope in a Jar Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 with a formulation that is light as air that refines and smoothens skin while it restores hydration to provide light-to-medium coverage which looks natural, energized, and radiant. According to its official website, this foundation is “like your philosophy foundationskin, only better.”

With over eight shades to choose from – fair-light, light, light-medium, medium, medium-tan, tan, tan-deep, and deep skin tones – Hope in a Jar’s lightweight texture makes the skin feel comfortable and moisturized even as it improves the appearance of even the most enlarged pores. It also provides skin with a natural-looking healthy glow that complements the user’s natural skin texture and color.

This foundation is best for those who want light to medium coverage and need long-lasting foundation that is lightweight and blends well into the skin’s natural pigmentation. Moreover, it is suitable for all skin types. Those who have oily skin can use this, albeit sparingly, since it is non-comedogenic, meaning excess oils on skin are broken down but skin is not stripped of the necessary moisture and nutrients it needs.

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